Q1 Would you ever consider touring?



Although I’d love to attend you at a place that you feel comfortable with, I am a full-time student, it is very hard for me to go on a tour as I need to be constantly ready for my assignments and exams. 


I have a strong sentimental attachment to Melbourne. This is where I started escorting. No matter where did the client come from, Melbourne is always the place that contains the good memories. The people and community here are very welcoming and supportive, they are like my family. I couldn’t make it without them. 

Melbourne to me is where the story starts.




Q2 Privacy concerns.



Integrity and honesty are at the heart of my service. 

I maintain high ethical standards in everything I do, both in my service and in my personal life. 

To respect your privacy is one of the core principles of my conduct, because my service involves personal intimacy. I honour confidentiality, except in cases where it is evidence of the violation of law. 


I am held to a strict Privacy Policy, which you can also access from the bottom of every page on my website. It outlined exactly what information I collect from you (or about you) to deliver my service, what information I retain and how long, where exactly do I store and protect the information, as well as how you can make choices about your information. 


The aim of my Privacy Policy is to provide you with an open and transparent management of personal information in accordance with Australian Privacy Principles.

Apart from my service, I believe all businesses have a responsibility to respect our privacy. 


If you have further arrangements, or further concerns regarding your name or personal information, please don't hesitate to contact me by email. 




Q3 I'm a first timer!



Your time with me would be an unrushed, old-time date. I value the quality of authenticity, I am absolutely myself when I’m by your side, I have all the emotions that a fellow human being could have, please be yourself when you have my company. 


I do not judge people on the basis of appearance, social status, colour, disability, ethnicity, nationality, belief, gender identity, sexual orientation, or age (However, you must be over 18). 


I value equality, honesty and respect for others.  

When you contact me, I will require following information from you:

  • Your legal name and a brief introduction about yourself

  • Your preferred location for outcall service

  • Your enquiries

Different escorts will require different forms of enquiries, some may require different information or deposits, these are ways we protect ourselves. 

Please remember to read their profiles before your initial contact. 


I only see very limited clients each month. To better suit your schedule, I made a monthly calendar on my home page, I hope it may help you arrange ahead.



Q4 Not sure if incall is provided.




I do not provide incall service. 




If you have further questions, please contact me via email at Emma.G.Lemon@protonmail.com





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